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Friday, September 9, 2011

Richardson Road Park - Independence, KY

Everywhere we move we feel the need to check out every park in the area and by "area" I mean within an hour drive. I get bored of the same old, same old and so does Ivy. We have found a few parks that we love and we visit them on a normal basis. I can honestly say that Richardson Road Park will not be on the short list of favorite parks. This park was rather dirty. There was litter in the grass and graffiti on the playground equipment. The litter could have been fluke but you could easily tell that the graffiti had been there for quite a while. There was only a guy there playing with his dog when we visited. We still played for an hour. Their play equipment is safe and usable.

The playground

Shelter House and Bathrooms

They have a small house with bathrooms at a covered picnic area near the parking lot. We did not even look at the bathroom. There were a lot of tennis courts, a playground area without swings, basketball court, and baseball diamond. The graffiti was more of the country graffiti style. Things like Bob loves Mary and cartoon character drawings. There are large grassy areas and a lot of nearby trees which provides a little shade. There is ample parking.

Bella loves "driving"

Tennis Courts & Basketball Courts
Bella & I posing on the rock climbing wall

This is a foot swing. Bella was sure it was a baby swing, lol

The girls after climbing up the rock wall.

I was not impressed and will not be returning. If you are interested here's the details:

The Details
Location: 3415 Richardson Rd., Independence, KY 41051
Cost: Free
Directions: On website

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