Cincinnati, Ohio

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Have you ever wanted to feed a cracker to a giraffe? Then this is the place for you!

Ivy holding a snake!

Near the orangutans

Kids with the Easter bunny

They always have snakes out near the snake house
Riding the little train that runs through the zoo
Mallard Duck
The check your bird wing span
There is a little pond with a monkey area above it that is full of neat birds
Penguins just outside the Children's area
They have this web at the playground. It is super cute!
On select days you can watch the gators being fed.
On the weekends leading up to Easter they have Gorilla Easter egg hunts. It is hilarious!
Feeding goats in the petting zoo area
This is across the skywalk from the entrance at the edge of the main parking lot.
She would be a big bat!

Feeding goats
Lorikeet Landing

In the petting zoo

You can feed them seed sticks.

Naked Mole Rats


They do Zoo Babies every Spring!



Petting Zoo



Cat House

Feeding a cow


Near the Polar Bears

In the Manatee House



Yes, I am really that close! It was right up against the fence!


Petting a Hissing Cochroach! She loves bugs!

Bubble in the Manatee Tank

There are plants every where! Some you are allowed to touch or pet, lol.

Baby Wallaby in the Nursery

They have a dress up area in the bug house. Each outfit is a type of ant found in the colony.


Their gardens are very pretty


These were not all taken in one trip. We decided to get a season pass last year since we were living so close to the zoo. We went many times and know it very well. It is a beautiful zoo! If you are lucky enough to visit you should see the gardens, the children's zoo (feed the animals, pet the farm animals, play in the playground, see the penguins and see the nursery.), the bird house, the Manatees, feed the Giraffes, elephants, ride the train, and visit the reptile house. The gardens are at their best in spring or early summer, April through June.

The Details:
Location: 3400 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Cost: Ticket prices vary based on the package you choose. The basic ticket is only $14 for Adults & $10 for kids, you have to add on rides and theater passes if you want them.
Discounts: You can get discount tickets online. They also have special days when you can get discounted or free admission.
Membership: Individual ranges from $57 to 136, Family ranges from $89 to $179

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