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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free Petting Zoo - Lents Branch of the Boone County Library - Hebron, KY

We took the girls to a free petting zoo. It was at the Lents Branch of the Boone County Library. It is in Hebron, Kentucky. They had goats, bunnies, ducks, a pony, a donkey, an alpaca, and a chicken with two chicks. The kids were allowed to pet everything! The ducks and chicken were none to friendly. They ran from the kids. Bella, my toddler, was unsure of touching anything. She finally decided that Ivy would not lead her astray and pet this bunny. After that she touched everything. She really loved the donkey!
They had animal feed. The kids were able to feed the goats, the alpaca, the ducks and chickens. The girl in blue in the center of this photo is my daughter, Ivy, feeding one of the goats. After about twenty minutes, Bella finally felt comfortable enough to feed the goats. She laughed as they licked dried corn off her hand! It was so cute!
I would like to let all my readers in on a little secret! You can go to library programs even if you do not live there! Things like this that are free and open to the public are easy options for even non-residents. There are other options though as well. If you will be visiting an area and would like to see what the library there has to offer you can simply call them or look them up on-line. If you ask nicely they will normally allow you to go to even the library programs that require you to sign-up as long as there is room! All you have to say is "I will be visiting your area for a few days and I was hoping to find some affordable, educational fun for my kids. Do you have any programs we could attend?" We have visited libraries not only in multiple areas but in multiple states! Another secret I would like to share with you about the library is that you can use your local library card to get a card at neighboring libraries. You can often get a card in any library in your county and in the surrounding counties. Some areas do charge a small fee to issue a library card but it is normally not more then a couple dollars. Do be careful to keep your books from different branches organized or without a doubt something will get lost or be returned late. Remember that you do not need a card to visit a library regardless of where it is located. We have even stopped at public ones when we are on the road and the kids were getting tired of being in the car. I can not stress how great a trip to a public library can be!
The Details:
Cost: Free!
Hours of Entertainment: Almost two
Location: Boone County Public Library-Lents Branch, 3215 Cougar Path, Hebron, KY

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