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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disneyland VS Disney World

            Disneyland and Disney World both have their fans and critics. Which is the best option for a family friendly vacation?  Comparing these two places can seem like comparing apples and oranges. They are similar but also very different. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California. Disney World is in Orlando, Florida. The details that will be compared are weather, price, area, attractions, and convenience.
Weather can make or break a vacation. The average daily temperature in Anaheim is 65 degrees. The average high is 76 and the average low is 54. They have only 33 days of rain yearly. The average in Orlando is 73 degrees. The average high is 83 and the average low is 62. They have 117 days of rain a year. The temperature is comparable. The clear winner on days of rain is Disneyland.
            The cost of visiting is always a huge concern. A six day package for Disneyland for two adults and two children (with ages of 3-9 years) includes a hotel and tickets to the park at a cost of $1995.04. A similar package at Disney World would cost you $1,645.64. Hotel prices are higher in Anaheim than in Orlando which likely accounts for the price difference. The estimates do not include the price of food. The cost of food looks to be comparable within both parks. The character meals are around $35 at both parks.
            Convenience and size are other things to consider. Disneyland is one park. It is landlocked and in an urban area. Expansion is nearly impossible. Attractions have been updated over the years but space is at a premium. Disneyland with its urban location is convenient to hotels, shops, and restaurants. Disney World consists of four parks that are ever expanding. It also has two water parks. The parks do have many of the same attractions but there are more in Disney World. Disney World is not within walking distance to anything that is not onsite. Even the onsite areas are spread out. Disneyland occupies 180 acres of land while Disney World occupies 47 square miles.
            The next thing to consider is how crowded the parks are. Disneyland averages almost 40,000 daily visitors. The Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World averages 44,110 daily visitors. The Epcot Park at Disney World only averages only 27,125 daily visitors. Perhaps one of the trivial differences is that Disneyland was built by Walt Disney himself. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was a copy of Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom. Some say this gives Disneyland a more genuine quality.
            In conclusion, Disneyland was the clear winner in the number of rainy days. The temperature was comparable between the two. Disneyland is much more convenient to the rest of Anaheim. You can walk to and from the park to restaurants, hotels, and shopping. This is nice for people who do not wish to rent a car when arriving by plane. Disneyland wins in convenience to the rest of the city. Disney World was slightly less expensive for the hotel and ticket package. They were almost identical on food prices. Disney World is much larger. There are many more attractions. It has four parks instead of one. It also has two water parks. Disney World is the winner in attractions. Disney World is cut off from the rest of Orlando. It is roughly a thirty minute drive from other area attractions. The last detail that I am comparing is the amount of visitors. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is slightly busier than Disneyland. However, Epcot does not have as many visitors. Disneyland does have the history of being built by Walt Disney himself. Disney World has a slight edge over Disneyland but there is not a clear cut winner. They both have their own merits.

PS. I had to write this for something else and I thought my travel readers may enjoy it.

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