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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Post

A Little About The Blog:
This blog is simply dedicated to my travels. We go on many outings and trips. I want to document them. I had started with another blog but it has become more of my daily journal. I wanted a place just for our travels. There are many family based outings and trips. However, there will be many that are appropriate for all ages and even a few grown-up outings. There are some places you just should not take your kids.  I am a fan of travel journals. I figured it was time to take mine high-tech. If nothing else it takes up less space when we move.

I will try to include as much information as I can. I like to include the address of the place, a phone number, a website, and any cost involved. I unfortunately cannot always find all this info but I will try. Some small, country restaurants and things do not have websites. I will always include the name of the place, an address, and the cost of whatever I did there. I will note whether I felt the place was child friendly or not. I will also include pictures often. I love photography!

A little about myself:
I got married in 2000 and we are still going strong. We move around a lot. We are currently living in our sixth house since having Ivy, our first daughter, in 2001. We had another daughter in 2009. Her name is Isabella. Bella for short. This is her second home. I am in college full time to be a nurse. I believe there is nothing you cannot accomplish with hard work and determination.

I love to visit new places and try new things! I am adventurous and curious. I have lived in the city, the suburbs, and the country. I am yet to meet a downtown area in a city that makes me truly nervous. I listen to a lot of music. Many different types of music appeal to me. I love to read! I try to always be working on at least one book for pleasure. I read some fiction but mainly I am a non-fiction kind of girl. There is something more interesting about something real to me. I am active and always on the move. I crave the sunlight. I love being outdoors. I love food. I enjoy eating new foods, going out to interesting restaurants and cooking. I can be impatient at times. I hate to be late! It is one of my pet peeves. I am organized and tidy. Messiness really upsets me. I do not care if my kids get dirty at the park but I do mind if they are playing in the dirt when we are going somewhere that requires cleanliness. I feel there is a time and place for everything including dirt and messes. I have had a fear of water since I was a child. It will not take you too long to realise that it does not hold me back. I think it is healthy to confront your fears! I am a little loud by nature. I feel life is too short to not try everything!

This is a completely public blog. Please feel free to comment. Please let me know your opinions of places and places you think we may enjoy. I like to go to places and blend with the locals. Eat what they eat, do what they do. It gives you a greater appreciation of a place and it's people.

Follow us on our many adventures!

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