Cincinnati, Ohio

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coney Island

Flood Stick

Fountain at Coney Island
These are some of our photographs from a recent trip we took to Coney Island. We had a great time!! This was not our first trip to this family style amusement park and it will not be our last! It is fun, affordable and family friendly. This place has a lot of things to do! Consider making it a two day event. Get a sunlite pool pass for one day and a classic ride pass for the second day. This way you can take your time. Be careful of the sun. This place can be exhausting!
Kiddy Ride

Fun House Mirrors
Bumper Cars

Bella was excited about this ride even before it began.


Stationary Fire Truck
This large playground is free to play at. You do have to pay for parking still but there are many fun free things to do.
When we were there Q102 was there having a party for Coney Islands' anniversary. People were dancing in the rain.
Little Houses

The Details:
Location: 6201 Kellogg Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45230
Prices: Ticket for Sunlite Pool & Classic rides $21.95 for ages 5 and up
Tickets for Ages 2-4 $9.95
After 4 pm $11.95
Tickets for Sunlite pool only: $11.95 for ages 5 and up and $3.95 for 2-4 year olds
Tickets for Classic Rides only: $11.95 for 5 & up and $6.95 for 2-4 year olds
Parking $7.00
You can buy tickets on-line at a discount!

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