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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miami Whitewater Forest - Harrison, Ohio

View of the meadow as you emerge from the woods.

We walked down the Tallgrass Prairie Trail. It was very pretty! It is about a mile. It was slightly hilly but still manageable with the jogging stroller. When we got to the Prairie we tried to locate all of the plants that were on the sign. It was fun. We found quite a few of them and other things, like blackberries. After the trail we played Frisbee in the clearing by the parking area for the trail. It is fairly large and grassy. This was Bella's first time playing Frisbee. She loved to throw it but could only get it a foot or two. She would clap and yell "Good Job!" Anytime she or anyone threw it. We played for about a half an hour before moving on.
Ivy looking at bugs.

Mud pit

There is a wooden bridge on the way to the meadow if you go left when the path splits.
There is something about walking in the woods that makes us all feel small.

I had never seen this plant before and it was not on the sign so we still do not know what it was.

The Meadow

The next stop was the lake. We parked in the little bit of shade we could find in the lot. We walked along the paved trail by the lake stopping to admire the view, a couple ducks and a willow tree. There is a very large playground and the visitor center by the parking lot and lake. We took the kids to play at the playground and realized there is a water park here as well. It was super hot so the kids were practically drooling at the sight of the water! We had to walk around the corner to the snack bar to purchase a bracelet. We only had to get Ivy one because Bella is under two. We did not even have suits with us, lol. That did not stop them from having a blast!The water park has a pirate theme complete with a ship!

The path that runs by the lake

By the Lake

A pretty lake

Near the visitor center
The Waterpark

The Details:
Location: 9001 Mt. Hope Rd. Harrison, OH 45030
Features: Wetlands, trails, Frisbee golf, golf course, equestrian trail, snack bar, campground, picnic and shelter areas, lake, fishing, boat rentals, wet playground, playground, and visitor center.
Cost: Free with pass. $3 for day pass or $10 for year pass
Cost of Water Playground: $2 each or 3 for $5

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