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Monday, August 22, 2011

McDonald's Play Area - Crescent Springs, KY

Somebody close to our family recently took us to this McDonald's because they said it had a great play area. I thought,  "OK, a play area in McDonald's. Alright what the heck." I was actually pretty impressed by this place. We got a couple of Diet Cokes and watched the kids play. The big kids area is huge! There is also a basketball free throw game. There is a big screen T.V. on the wall playing kids music videos. There are a few video games. They even have a small toddler area! I have not been to many of these but this one was pretty nice.

The Details:
Location: 2513 Hazelwood St Crescent Springs KY, 41017
Cost: Under $2 per Drink

1 comment:

  1. Looks nice. I'd like to check this place out.
    With heat being crazy this summer, we took Skylar to several playplaces just to let her run around. Never been here though!